Friday, 29 September, 2023

Charlotte Crosby Wets Her Big Brother Bed!

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby was woken by the Big Brother alarm yesterday morning to a wet bed!

Big Brother’s Bit on the Side showed an exclusive clip over on Channel 5 after the main show of Charlotte waking up, finding she’d wet the bed after being over drunk the night before. In slight shock she shouted “I’ve wee’d my bed, I’ve wee’d myself in the bed” and following this “I’m having a disaster”.

This didn’t come across as an embarrassment to her as she has done far worse things previously. However, housemates didn’t totally believe what she was saying so she pulled back the sheets asking “Do you want to see?” revealing to the others and all us viewers.

Her ‘Wet Bed’.
-Channel 5

 The reasoning behind the accused faking was due to Charlotte having to be dramatic and pretend for her Job as a member in Geordie Shore.

Shortly after she announced to the house, she still needed the toilet and didn’t understand how there was so much wee still in her!

Let’s hope Geordie Shore star’s tide doesn’t come in again!

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