David Walliams STRIPS for Simon Cowell in shock Britain’s Got Talent moment!


David Walliams stripped for Simon Cowell on this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent.

What’s being called the ‘most outrageous Britain’s Got Talent moment yet’ David Walliams dropped everything in front of boss Simon Cowell.

David revealed this week before the launch of the brand new series of the hit ITV show, he got all excited on “too much orange squash” and stripped for Simon.

We all know David’s and Simon’s relationship, it’s never been a straight forward flirt… There’s always something.

David explained he dropped his PANTS in his kinky moment: “I was dancing in front of Simon, trying to get his attention and I dropped my trousers,” he told The Sun.

“Then Amanda tried to pull my pants down. I think somebody saw something which I don’t think should be shown on TV.

“I guess I always try and push it further every year and see what I can get away with.”

A source told the newspaper: “It was possibly the most outrageous moment in the history of Britain’s Got Talent.

“Simon was totally shocked when the trousers came down, he was hiding his face and then everyone couldn’t believe Amanda then went for David’s pants.

“He was doing his best to protect his modesty but the cameraman definitely got an eyeful.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV on Saturday 15th April at 8pm.

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