Could more than one person be involved in Broadchurch rape?! Mark Bazeley lets it slip!


    Broadchurch star Mark Bazeley, who plays Jim Atwood, may have revealed that more than one person could be involved in the rape of Trish Waterman!


    During an interview on ITV’s This Morning, Mark Bazeley was asked whether the cast members, including David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, were kept in the dark about the identity of the rapist throughout the filming process.

    This sparked a rather telling answer from the Broadchurch actor: “I think the person or persons who have done the deed are forewarned simply because of the nature of the show.”

    This sent fans into meltdown, speculating theories about the identities of the suggested multiple offenders.

    One fan tweeted: “Is that a clue? Did he just say he thinks THE PERSONS who did it, hmmmmm could it be more than 1?”

    Another shared their excitement: “‘Person or persons’? Big clue there that more than one person is involved!”

    However, when it came down to direct questioning, Mark was more reserved, refusing to give any information to Ruth and Eamonn Holmes.

    He responded: “Well, here’s our gallery, I think you could probably say all of the men apart from the detective.”

    He continued: “I think that’s to the writer’s credit. What he does is seduce you to think it must be someone, and then he just pulls the rug!”

    Watch the Video below:

    Broadchurch continues tonight on ITV at 9pm, with the penultimate episode.

    Do you have any theories? Do you think more than one person could be responsible? Let us know!

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