Friday, 29 September, 2023

Our Exclusive Interview With Christopher Maloney!

We’ve had an exclusive chat with Christopher Maloney about his new single, ‘My Heart Belongs To You’. Not only that, but his fans, his ambitions and what it feels like to release your own music to the world.

Q: As we know your first single is available to pre-order on iTunes, congratulations! How does it feel to have your own music on sale for everyone to download and enjoy?

A: It’s an amazing feeling to know all the hard work over the months is worth it because everyone can enjoy my 1st UK single. So download it today.

Q: How has life changed since being on The X Factor?

A: My life has changed so much and I want to thank all who support me, my fans are the best in the world.

Q:  Your fans have been really supportive, but what has been the biggest support from them?

A: They support me every day and they really help me get through the day. Their support is unbelievable and I can’t thank them enough. Its so nice to give something back to them with my 1st UK single.

Q: How different is your single to the songs you were singing on The X Factor?

A: Totally different. The single is a mid tempo pop song which is really current and catchy. Not at all like the songs they gave me on x factor.

Q: Where do you hope the near future takes you? What are your ambitions?

A: I hoping to go on tour in the new year and that will give me the chance to meet all my lovely fans in person.

Q: Have you had any luck in the West End side of your aspirations? Have you thought about that?

A: One of my dreams is to star in the west end. I have met some West End producers and its all going great. So hopefully fingers crossed.

Q: Where in the world would you most like your music to be admired?

A: Right here in the UK. But also anywhere around the world that enjoy my music.

Q: If your debut single was to reach number 1, how would you celebrate?

A: Well i am have a VIP single launch party in Moniques Liverpool its gonna be a massive party with my management, record label, and the rest of my team. Not forgetting my close friends and family i’m also gonna invite about 20 of my fans to celebrate with me… Watch this space.

Q: How would you describe the experience of writing and producing music?

A: It’s been an absolute dream. Such a overwhelming feeling laying the lyrics in the recording studio. Such a dream. Beats working in a call centre.


Thank you Chris for answering our questions, we love your new single! 🙂

You can DOWNLOAD ‘My Heart Belongs To You’ now on iTunes via this link: CLICK ME! 

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