Peter Capaldi reveals why he decided to leave Doctor Who!


    Peter Capaldi has revealed why he has chosen to leave BBC’s Doctor Who.

    As Doctor Who returns tonight after a long break away from our telly, the twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi has spoken about his decision to leave Doctor Who.

    Peter has described Doctor Who as a ‘television factory’.

    Peter appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, and said playing The Doctor is a ‘great job’ but due to the intense schedule if he continued he wouldn’t be able to show his ‘best work’ on the screen.

    He explained: “I just worry that I wouldn’t be able to continue doing my best work because I like to be able to learn the lines and do some preparation and come in and give it the vigor and fun and not hate it.”

    Peter revealed back in January he’d be quitting the role as The Doctor.

    Peter spoke on The Andrew Marr Show about his role as The Doctor at the time the news broke: “My kind of attitude about it is that I didn’t want it to change my life much, but it does. But in as much as my private life goes, it remains much the same.

    “But when I go out into the world, I can’t, you know I don’t want to escape the idea that I’m Doctor Who, and it’s finite – I won’t be Doctor Who forever,

    “So there will be a day when people don’t come and say hello.”

    Doctor Who returns at 7.20pm on BBC One tonight.

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