Britain’s Got Talent 2017: Meet Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Act, Sarah Ikumu!


In tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell became the first judge to press his Golden Buzzer.

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 commenced tonight and the show finished with an outstanding finale from Sarah Ikumu, who sang Jennifer Hudson’s “And I am Telling You”

Sarah is a 15 year old school girl and singer. Sarah lives with her mum and dad Alex in Milton Keynes, who are very supportive of Sarah with her Dad reassuring her before her audition “This is Britain’s Got Talent, the people who come here have talent and you have talent.”

Before her audition, Simon asked her “Tell me a song you think is the right song for you and why you have chosen it.”

“I think ‘And I’m Telling You’ is the best song for me because it shows my vocal ability the best.”

This created an atmosphere of doubt as Simon replied “One of the biggest songs in the world… And you want to take that one on?”

But he had no reason to doubt her as she delivers an incredible version of the song, earning herself a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

Spurred on from the amazing reaction from the crowd, Simon reaches over to press the Golden Buzzer! Her parents then run on stage, unable to contain their excitement.

When the buzz dies down, Simon goes on to explain his reasoning for pressing the Golden Buzzer:

“Look Sarah, I’ve heard this song a lot and it started off really well and I thought this girl is great. And then it’s like you became possessed half way through and it was quite incredible and for someone of your age, to stand on this stage, with all the nerves and all the pressure, to absolutely, not just nail the song but you made it your song.”

Amanda then shared her support for Simon’s decision: “I am absolutely thrilled that you got a Golden Buzzer, I mean it was mind blowing, I can’t believe you are only 15, congratulations!”

Alesha also shared her love for Sarah: “You are not allowed to have that much talent at your age, it’s insane! And I didn’t press that Golden Buzzer because I wanted Simon to press that Golden Buzzer, because I want you to go far and I think Simon can help you because you are a superstar!”

David answered in his typical comedic style “Yeah it was alright. No it was fantastic Sarah, well done!”

Simon ended with “Most importantly, enjoy this, I’m thrilled for you and your family. Congratulations!”

Speaking to Ant and Dec after her audition, she said: “It’s a dream come true to be Simon’s Golden Buzzer act, he was the one.”

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Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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