Britain’s Got Talent 2017: The Missing People Choir already tipped to win!


The Missing People Choir have already been tipped to win Britain’s Got Talent 2017.

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 returns this evening to ITV, one of the contestants featured in tonight’s show are a community choir whose loved ones have been or are missing.

The Missing People Choir make an emotional appearance on tonight’s show – and they’ve already been tipped to win.

The Choir explain before their audition: “We’re all in this together and we can all stand by each other,

“Having the support of each other makes us stronger, sitting here together makes us stronger and singing together makes us super strong,

“It’s good for the soul.”

“Hopefully some of the youngsters who have gone missing, their photographs will be shown on screen behind us, and maybe someone will come forward and tell us what’s happened.” they explained.

“It only takes one person to recognise a face, we all have to live in hope. If there was no hope, there’d be nothing to live for. We all have a common goal to find out loved ones and bring them home where they belong.”

The Choir sing an original song called ‘I Miss You’, written by Peter Boxell.

They already have the seal of approval from boss and judge Simon Cowell.

Cowell told the Huffington Post: “We had something this year called the Missing People Choir, which was very emotional.

“They’ve got a shot at winning, I think. I remember on the day thinking that it was special.”

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 returns to ITV this evening from 8pm.

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