Britain’s Got Talent Impressionist Jess Robinson auditioned as she had £4,000 in debt!


Impressionist Jess Robinson revealed she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent because she had £4k in debt.

Jess Robinson, 33, is a teacher from North London but in her spare time she’s a singing impressionist.

Jess appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last weekend and hopes to leave her classroom work behind to become a full time impressionist.

Jess took on classics from Julie Andrews, Cheryl Cole, Shirley Bassey Britney Spears, Sharon Osbourne in her audition and received a standing ovation from the audience.

Jess has now opened up about the reason why she auditioned for BGT to the Metro: “For the last three years I’ve been taking my own show up to Edinburgh and trying to get noticed that way and working away on the circuit for quite a while,

“And I came away from Edinburgh £4,000 in debt and my friends were saying I had to audition so I just had to bite the bullet and go for it.” Jess explained.

Jess received four yeses from the judges, she has teased more impressions if she makes it to the live shows: “If I got through to the lives I would like to do Jessie J, Shakira, more stand-up, more jokes – because I’m a comedian as well as an impressionist – and wow the judges with more singing I hope. And maybe take off one of the judges as well.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns Saturdays on ITV.

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