Cameron Diaz stopped Zoella quitting YouTube after Skype session!


Zoella has revealed that Cameron Diaz stopped her from quitting YouTube at her lowest point during a Skype session.

Zoella was at a point of quitting YouTube altogether but Cameron Diaz talked some sense into the YouTube star – and now she’s the Queen of Vlogs.

Zoe Sugg. who goes by the name of Zoella, has revealed that she almost quit YouTube after the pressures of fame got too much for her.

During a recent Q&A, Zoe said: “The really short answer to this is yes, sometimes I would like to live that life.

“A couple of years ago, I actually very nearly stopped [filming]. Like, altogether stopped. I don’t think anyone would have guessed it because I still vlogged.

“I think it was the lowest point, one of the lowest points of my entire life.

Zoe added: “And it wasn’t about this whole thing. It was more about me not feeling like I could handle it, or that I was worthy of it, and the pressure of everything just got so much.”

Zoe mentioned that Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz helped her through the struggle.

Zoe continued: ‘When I was struggling with that stuff, Cameron Diaz actually Skyped me…and that is something I’ve never shared before, but it was such a huge help.

“She Skyped me for, like, an hour and a half, and we just talked, and she coached me. She basically gave me the best tips that I have carried with me in order to get back to a good place.

“It is weird being well-known. It’s weird. It’s not something you can learn anywhere, so to have her give up some of her time to speak to me meant the world to me, and she is honestly one of the loveliest people in the world.”

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