Bear Grylls wants to take Donald Trump on a survival adventure!


    Bear Grylls has said he wants to take Donald Trump on a survival adventure, something he did with Barack Obama.

    Adventurer Bear Grylls has said he’d love a wild adventure with President Donald Trump.

    Bear, 42, took previous President Barack Obama on a survival trip in NBC series Running Wild With Bear Grylls, and now he wants Donald Trump to star in the series.

    Bear told The Radio Times: “It would be amazing. Of course. And there’s no doubting he’s tenacious.

    “Obama liked stepping out of his comfort zone, and that attitude is good on the wild. He told me it was one of the best days of his presidency.

    ‘But I don’t know… Donald Trump is a person who likes to be king and the one thing I’ve learnt in the wild is you’re never the king. You’ve got to learn to put the crown down” he added.

    Although Bear said he wouldn’t want to get in the way of Trump’s presidential duties: “I kind of hope he’s got more important things to do than to go on an adventure with me.”

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