Britain’s Got Talent’s Sarah Ikumu asked to audition by producers!


It has been revealed that Sarah Ikumu, Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer, was asked to audition by producers.

Sarah Ikumu was invited by Britain’s Got Talent producers to audition for the show, it has been claimed.

Sarah, 15 year old school girl and singer, lives with her mum and dad Alex in Milton Keynes, who are very supportive of Sarah with her Dad reassured her before her audition “This is Britain’s Got Talent, the people who come here have talent and you have talent.”

Before her audition, Simon asked Sarah: “Tell me a song you think is the right song for you and why you have chosen it.”

“I think ‘And I’m Telling You’ is the best song for me because it shows my vocal ability the best,” Sarah responded.

After Sarah’s audition, she received a standing ovation from the theatre and then Simon Cowell hit his Golden Buzzer sending her straight through to the live shows.

“Look Sarah, I’ve heard this song a lot and it started off really well and I thought this girl is great. And then it’s like you became possessed half way through and it was quite incredible and for someone of your age, to stand on this stage,” Simon said.

“With all the nerves and all the pressure, to absolutely, not just nail the song but you made it your song.”

It has now been revealed that BGT producers asked Sarah to audition last year.

Sarah was invited to audition for the show after being scouted last year.

A source told The Sun: “She auditioned shortly after, and of course completely blew the producers away. There was no special treatment and she had to audition like every other act from then on,

The insider added: “Simon Cowell had no idea who Sarah was when she first stepped on stage, the scouts worked completely separately, and he was unaware of her and her history.”

A spokesperson for the show said: “As the only show of its kind in the country, we want to showcase the best talent around and therefore, we travel the length and breadth of the country to find the best talent and make them aware of the show and auditions.

“We do then encourage acts to apply but any such acts will be required to audition on the same basis as any other applicant and normal programme rules apply. All acts are judged on their performance during their audition.”

It’s not unusual for BGT producers to look for talent as Series producer Charlie Irwin admitted earlier this year it was getting hard to discover new talent with the dropping numbers.

This year’s season of Britain’s Got Talent is the eleventh.

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 auditions continue Saturday on ITV.

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