Reuben Gray blows Britain’s Got Talent judges away with original song!


Reuben Gray appeared on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent with an original song and wowed the judges.

Reuben Gray, 16 year old, from Surrey wowed the judges on this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent with an original song about his girlfriend.

Reuben revealed he started playing piano aged 7 and has been busking since the age of 13.

Reuben’s dad, who works overseas 9 months of the year, and he only sees him three months of the year – he’s his biggest fan.

For Reuben audition he played the piano and sung an original song “Lifeline” – He received four ‘big fat yeses’ from the judges.

‘Lifeline’ is about his girlfriend who dumped him, but the pair got together shortly afterwards.

After Reuben’s audition, Simon Cowell said: “Good for you. That was a great audition Ruben, you’ve come on and been authentic, be original.

“I really, really like the song, You’ve got talent.”

Alesha Dixon said: “I’ve so much admiration for you, you’re up there bearing your heart and soul and that makes you really vulnerable… I’m sure your dad was proud.”

And David Walliams added: “What a talented young man you are. Incredible to write such a beautiful song at your tender age to sing it so beautifully.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns next weekend on ITV.

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