Tokio Myers has haunting backstory but amazes Britain’s Got Talent judges with piano skills!


Tokio Myers amazed the Britain’s Got Talent judges and viewers at home with his piano skills.

Tokio Myers, 32, pianist from London amazed the judges in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent with a stunning twist on Ed Sheeran’s Bloodstream.

Tokio grew up in a council estate and started playing the piano when he was 9, after his dad bought him his first keyboard.

Tokio stunned the whole theatre and judges with his audition, leaving them speechless in admiration.

Life hasn’t been easy for Tokio and he has rather a haunting backstory which he didn’t share at the auditions.

He has since revealed since his audition that when he was 11 in 1995 he saw his head teacher Philip Lawrence collapse after being stabbed to death outside the school gate.

“I was in the music room practising and out of nowhere the door was kicked open and my music teacher [Mr Morgan] drags me off the piano stool and carries me out,” he told the Mirror.

“As I was leaving the music room, I see my headmaster coming into the atrium. I see him collapse on to the floor and I see blood.”

He added: “Playing piano and having great people around me is what got me through a lot of terrible situations.”

Tokio received four huge yeses from the judges.

Britain’s Got Talent returns next weekend on ITV.

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