Friday, 29 September, 2023

Far Too Far: Busy Times Lead To Exciting Events!

Our boys have been busy in the past few weeks; we had a fabulous twitcam where new member Matt was able to show his face to the Farnatics for the first time, how exciting! Also, there were two extra guests who briefly appeared.. Hannah and Conor.

The twitcam involved a lot of banter, of course, answering questions, accent impressions, saying people’s names and a lot of laughter.

Matt got going on an #AskMatt on Saturday where he was asked so many weird and wonderful questions from so many fans that he got tweet limit and had to move onto the band account – “OK GUYS SO YOU HAVE CLOGGED UP MY INTERACTIONS HAHA AND I CANT SEND OUT ANYMORE TWEETS FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS!!! This is crazy HAHA Matt x” Go Farnatics!

Jackson has been in pain for the last week or so, due to having multiple teeth taken out at the same time, ouch! Unable to talk or sing an awful lot, fans have ensured to send get well wishes!

Jamie has been well, Jamie 😉 keeping the banter flowing with all the fans and between the band members. He’s even said they’re working on a “sikkk cover” for everyone to enjoy in the near future.

Far Too Far Competition with Musik

To be in with a change of winning a skype call, or alternative prize for those without skype, all you need to do is tweet @musik2601 with #FarTooFarOnMusik followed by your best questions. The best questions will be picked to go forward to be asked in an interview with the band! Those people whose questions are asked during the interview will have their questions ranked by the boys and the top 3 or 4 get the opportunity to interact with Jamie, Jackson and Matt over a skype call! Wow!

For more information, visit their website:!contact/cgbd

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