Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate reveals the house has a secret lounge!


Megan McKenna has revealed that the Celebrity Big Brother house is hiding something from viewers at home.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 – House

Usually Big Brother viewers are able to view most of the action from all the rooms in the Big Brother house, but ex housemate Megan McKenna was revealed there’s a secret pad that’s never shown on telly.

Megan appeared on Celebrity Big Brother back in January 2016 and has only this week shared the news of the secret pad.

Speaking to BUILD in London about THAT “David’s dead” mix up madness Megan revealed she wasn’t actually in the house at the time it happened: “We had a little pad upstairs,

“I was in there moaning, trying to sleep. You don’t understand how badly people snore.

“I had to wear earplugs every night. I was so upset because I couldn’t sleep every night. They said it was haunted in there and Angie told me she saw a figure standing at the end of my bed.”

From what Megan said – It appears there’s a room in the Big Brother house that keeps its secrets, and is never aired on telly.

Big Brother returns later this year to Channel 5.

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