Britain’s Got Talent 2017: IrShad Shaikh manages to turn around his disastrous audition!


IrShad Shaikh remarkably managed to turn around his Britain’s Got Talent audition after it went terribly, terribly wrong.

In tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent episode viewers witnessed the UK’s worst ever impressionist – but he turned out to be one of the funniest by the end.

IrShad, 57, is a self-employed salesman and impressionist from Essex.

His audition featured Sylvester Stallone and The Queen, but it was short lived.

Initially IrShad was buzzed by ALL of the judges, he turned his audition around, remarkably.

David said: “I didn’t want to see you suffer up there, I know what it’s like, it gets tough and you’re not enjoying it…

IrShad responded: “I was enjoying it actually,”

To that, David said: “Oh, carry on then”. And he did.

After IrShad’s audition Simon Cowell said: “You are, and I’m not kidding here, the worst impressionist we’ve ever had on this show in eleven years.”

Amanda Holden tells IrShad: “You were very, very funny.”

David Walliams comments: “There is a market for the worlds worst impressionist and you could be that.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns next weekend on ITV.

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