Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Far Too Far: All Things Go!

Earlier this week, Far Too Far did another of their twitcams where they had time to have jokes with all the fans.

After Farnatics had to earn the twitcam by getting 50retweets in a certain amount of time, the boys spent just over half an hour talking and having a laugh with them all. They had some news to share with everyone of their future plans. They’re planning weekly vlogs which is a video blog online, they will be sharing with their fans on their YouTube channel. The first one was supposed to be uploaded this weekend when they were all together, but had to be put on hold due to Matt being poorly! Make sure you send him some get well soon wishes.

The twitcam also revealed the next cover will be a mashup of two songs which FTF don’t think should work together but they do! One of the songs was announced to be Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us. Keep checking their twitters and youtube for the video when it’s ready!

If you missed the twitcam, you can watch it below:

If you want to interact with the boys where you’re pretty much guaranteed a reply, make sure you’re on twitter this evening for #AskFTF. This gives you the chance to ask weird and wonderful questions that you want to know about each of the boys that you may not already know, or maybe you just want to ask them a simple question, they will appreciate them all!

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