Britain’s Got Talent 2017: Meet David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer Act, Kyle Tomlinson!


In tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent, David Walliams pressed his golden buzzer for a young singer he previously rejected.

Kyle Tomlinson had previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent when he was 12 but was rejected – Until now.

Kyle is a 15 year-old school boy from Sheffield where he lives with his parents.

Kyle auditioned on BGT a few years ago but was told by David Walliams that he needs practice and should get singing lessons.

“I came a couple of years ago, and I got told to get a singing teacher,” Kyle told the judges.

Alesha responded: “Who told you that?”

Kyle slowly pointed at Mr David Walliams. Shock! Horror!

David responds: “Me? It doesn’t sound like the kind of sensible thing I’d say!”

Simon asked: “Was it said quite harshly?” Kyle said: “Yeah.”

Simon went further by asking: “So.. Kyle… How old were you when he said that?”

He responded: “12.” Simon then made a huge sigh.

David sat in his seat all confused and shocked as Kyle mentioned the other comments from the judges were ‘quite nice’.

Kyle returned to show David and the judges how much he had improved over the past few years, he sung “Hallelujah”.

After his audition he received a standing ovation from the judges and audience – He was left in tears.

“You stood up there and put your heart and soul on the line,” Alesha said.

“We all felt it and we were all there with you. That was brilliant!”

Simon said: “This just shows you Kyle that when someone grinds you down and says ‘you’re not good enough’, you come back and look them in the eye,

“and say ‘I am good enough'”

Lastly David gave his comments: “I thought it was really good!” and he lunged over and hit his Golden Buzzer.

“You sung with real passion and that’s what it’s all about,” David told Kyle on stage.

“I’m glad you came back and proved me wrong.”

Kyle is now through to the live semi finals.

Britain’s Got Talent returns next weekend on ITV.

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