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Exclusive Interview With Alejandro Fernandez-Holt!

We’ve had the opportunity of an exclusive chat with this year’s X Factor star Alejandro Fernandez about his experiences, thoughts on the show, plans for the future and how things have changed after his auditions were shown on the first show of the new series.

X-Factor 2013

Q: Hello Alejandro, how are you feeling after the response you got from The X-Factor & viewers?
A: Absolutely thrilled, its honesty made me the happiest person in the world knowing I have so many people behind me already in the competition! I didn’t think that it would go this crazy just from 1 episode but yeah, it’s so great!

Q: At what age did you realise you could sing?
A: Well I started singing when I was 6, I used to go to Stagecoach Theatre Arts which is where I had my first lessons and performances. I took a liking to it so I carried it out as anyone would, tried to teach myself how to play guitar and piano and just went from there. That’s probably why Gary gave me that comment of ‘One foot in theatre land’.

Q: How did you feel going into the room auditions? Were you nervous or quite relaxed?
A: It was horrible!! It was the most intimidating thing I have ever done, Wembley was so much easier! It’s because the judges were so damn close I was practically sitting on their laps (Not literally) Then again, I guess it gave me a brief opportunity to show them what I was made of and let them get to know me on a more personal level.

Q: After having your auditions shown on TV, what have people said about your talent?
A: I’ve had a mix of comments to be honest. Most of the comments have been so supportive and really nice, I mean they completely outweigh the bad. I admit that my vocals weren’t the best and that there are better singers in the competition but it’s not all about the voice, you need to have stage presence and charisma to get an audience on their feet.

Q: What made you choose ‘Hero’ as your second audition song?
A: I chose hero because I thought of it as my secret weapon! Being able to incorporate the Spanish into the song was a brilliant decision because by doing that I have the whole of Spain on my side! haha  however, they cannot vote therefore from a British point of view, I think that people (Particularly the girls) will like it…well that’s the impression I get anyway haha

Q: What made you audition for The X Factor instead of any other talent shows?
A: I love the X Factor, I’ve been watching it for years and years, for 8 years actually so I’ve always wanted to enter but I’ve always been to young, I wanted to pull my hair out!! I love the controversy around the X Factor and the contestants and I just wanted to see what it was really like for myself. I also think that it gives unsigned artists and fantastic platform to build their musical career.

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration to follow your dream in the music industry?
A: At the moment I would say…a few of the other X Factor contestants. I mean I know how tough the process is and how much you have to work to succeed so by getting as far as they did is really really impressive!

Q: What unique qualities do you think you have which make you stand out from the other contestants?
A: Well I can speak Spanish…for one, ermm, I think I have good stage presence too, not really sure, everyone is amazing!

Q: How have your fans supported you since beginning this journey?
A: Well a couple of fans have been following me ever since they sat there and watched my Wembley performance which seems like such a long time ago now! But yeah, they’ve been there all the way and I really appreciate it.

Q: What surprises do you have in store for the competition?
A: Ahh it wouldn’t be a surprise then would it!

Q: If you are successful on The X Factor, what type of music do you aspire to release?
A: Pop for a start, but I also like country just because it’s so chilled and amazing, so yeah, those 2 I would imagine. Can’t really see myself releasing any heavy metal or rap ha!

Q: If you could describe your fans in 3 words. What would they be?
A: Beautiful, amazing and elite!

Q: Have you got a message for your fans?
A: Thank you so much you guys for making my dream possible, I can’t thank you enough! Sorry that I’m so slow with my covers you know I’m busy…I’m not neglecting you! Love you all #Aletesarethebest

Thank you Alejandro for answering our questions today!
We wish you all the best on The X-Factor!

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