One Love Manchester Benefit Concert: Ariana Grande performs an emotional final performance!


    Ariana Grande delivers a stunning finale at the One Love Manchester Benefit Concert tonight, bringing an emotional night to a end.

    Tonight, some of the biggest and best pop stars headed to Manchester for a benefit concert which is expected to raise at least £2m for the victims of the Ariana Grande Manchester Arena terror attack and the families who were affected.

    Commencing the show was Marcus Mumford, singing an acoustic version of Mumford & Sons’ track Timshel.

    Following this emotional performance, Take That took to the stage to perform some of their biggest hits.

    The next star to perform was Robbie Williams, who performed a moving version of his songs Strong and Angels.

    Pharrell Williams then took to the stage to perform a duet with Miley Cyrus of his song ‘Happy’, followed by a solo performance from Miley Cyrus.

    Other star performances of the night include Justin Bieber, who broke down in tears after announcing to the crowd “Evil will never win.”

    Coldplay also performed the longest set of the night, commencing with a cover of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger and finishing with their most recent hit, Something Just Like This.

    The audience and viewers at home were then told by the commentators, Sara Cox and Ore Oduba, to expect a surprise, followed by a few minutes of silence as the world waited to see who would be next to grace the stage.

    Liam Gallagher then started to test his guitar, sparking a cry of cheer from the audience. He performs a set of Live Forever, Wall of Glass and Rock and Rock star.

    After this outstanding performance, Ariana Grande took to the stage with the rest of the performers who had dedicated their time to this important event.

    With Ariana at the forefront and her friends behind her, she sang an emotional performance of One Last Time, which was the original encore of her concert on Monday. The crowd joined her in singing the touching song, leaving Ariana in tears.

    Her friends made their way off the stage, leaving Ariana on her own to thank all of the audience members for attending.

    There was no better way to say thank you than to perform an emotional performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which she finished in tears, bringing the One Love Manchester Benefit Concert to an end.

    We stand with you, Manchester.

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