Friday, 20 May, 2022

New Official Charts rules force Ed Sheeran and Drake’s reign of the charts to an end!

The Official Charts are changing their rules in an attempt to “inject energy back into the charts.”

The Official Singles Chart Company are introducing a new rule in order to try and help new bands and artists to break through by putting a limit on the number of singles one artist can have in the top 100.

This comes after Ed Sheeran managed to get 16 of his songs from his latest album, Divide, in the Top 20 back in March of this year.

Consequently, from the 7th July, artists will be limited to having 3 songs in the top 100 at any one time.

Furthermore, a new cut will be introduced to the streams to sale ratio.

At the moment, 150 streams accounts for 1 sale. After the song has been in the charts for a number of weeks, and has decreased in popularity, the stream to sale ratio will decrease to 300:1.

The idea behind this is to allow new tracks make their way up the charts without being inhibited by old album tracks which have somewhat dipped in popularity.

The Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company told Music Week that the new rules and changes intended to “support new music.”

“This is not a chart for album tracks; we want to remain the Official Singles Chart, for singles,”

Getting down to the numbers, pilot tests have suggested that these changes should increase the number of chart artists by 20% and chart hits by 11%.

What do you think of the new changes? Let us know!

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