Friday, 29 September, 2023

Eastenders Stars Getting Cut To Increase Views!

TV soap Eastenders is cutting out stars to try and get a chance to increase ratings.

New producer of the show, Dominic Treadwell Collins knows what he wants to do with the show and feels some characters just aren’t doing anything for the show anymore. At least four characters will be removed out of the show in the new year including; Kirsty Branning , AJ Ahmed , Carl White and Poppy Meadow.

It is said they will film their last few scenes before Christmas and then each of them will leave early in 2014. A confirmation was added from the programme’s spokesperson who said “He has only been in a month but he is already making big changes. He knows what he wants for ‘Eastenders’ and is putting plans in place quickly.”  With these changes being made, he hopes to boost the views right back up and attract as many people as possible.

As well as the departures on the named four, Michael Moon and Alice Branning will also be leaving with a shocking exit and dramatic storyline. It has been said there will be gasps and endings to fit the characters moods that all actors have been sworn to secrecy over.

Be sure to watch for dramatic scenes! 

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