Friday, 20 May, 2022

One Love Manchester school choir and Missing People Choir join forces on new album!

The both incredible One Love Manchester school Choir and Missing People Choir have joined forces together in a new album.

The One Love Manchester school choir are going to be featured alongside The Missing People Choir on a new album called ‘Choirs With Purpose’.

The One Love Manchester school choir (Parrs Wood High School) performed next to Ariana Grande during the One Love Manchester tribute concert earlier this month.

Britain’s Got Talent finalists The Missing People Choir will also feature on the new album with eight other groups that have covered songs in a heartfelt collection.

‘Choirs With Purpose’ have also planned one single which will feature all ten choirs, amazingly.

Profits made from the album will be shared equally between each of the choirs or their chosen charities.

James Hawkins, co-founder of Missing People Choir, said: “This is more than just another choir album, it’s a show of true solidarity, of people working together, supporting each other, standing together and singing.

“We hope to spread awareness for the various causes being supported by each choir and bring more people together because of it. “Where words fail, music speaks”.”


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