Mario Falcone Left The Big Brother House During Filming!


During the filming of Celebrity Big Brother, it is said that TOWIE’s Mario Falcone left the house.

Confirmed by Big Brother bosses, Mario did leave the house for a few hours during filming a few days before the final. Seeing ex-fiancé Lucy Mecklenbugh when out of the house caused shock to her.

The cast of TOWIE had to go to the US embassy to renew their Visa’s in order to be able to film in Las Vegas. To her surprise, Lucy didn’t realise Mario would be there are said “I walked in, and to my shock Mario was there, four days before the final of CBB! The show’s producers had agreed beforehand to let him out to get his visa.”

After their split in earlier on in the year, Mario told Lucy “he’d had a lot of time to think about things and me while he’d been in there… “And she hopes they can still be friends.

While away from the house, a member of Big Brother staff was present at all times and he was in no contact with any members of public at all during this time.


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