Adele ‘may have done irreversible damage’ to her vocal chords during 123 date world tour!


    Sources have revealed that Adele may have done ‘irreversible damage’ to her vocal chords during gruelling 123 date world tour.

    Adele, this week, cancelled her final two dates of her huge 123-date world tour, due to doctor’s advice.

    According to reports it’s now believed Adele’s team are now ‘terrified that she will never sing again’ after damaging her vocal chords.

    Adele is ‘devastated’ along with her fans after she had to cancel two of her most important Wembley shows this week.

    During her tour Adele admitted to her crowds that she had a sore throat while performing, during her last public tour dates she was sipping honey on stage.

    In 2011 Adele suffered a throat haemorrhage, following that she cancelled a US tour and later had to teach herself how to sing differently.

    Adele may have pushed her voice too much this time after her 121 performances.

    A source said: “Adele was desperate to do the tour for her fans and her team did everything they could to protect her voice,”

    “The dates were spaced out so she could recover between shows, and she followed a plan put in place by vocal coaches to the letter.”

    Continuing to The Sun the source added that Adele ‘struggled in the earlier gigs’ and ‘pushed right through the pain, and that may have done irreversible damage’.

    “In her camp, the fear is not that she won’t tour again. The fear is that she won’t be able to sing again,”

    Adele released a lengthy statement at 1:45am on Saturday morning, it read: “I don’t even know how to start this. The last two nights at Wembley have been the biggest and best shows of my life. To come home to such a response after so long away doing something I never thought I could pull off but did has blown me away.

    “However, I’ve struggled vocally both nights. I had to push a lot harder than I normally do. I felt like I constantly had to clear my throat, especially last night.

    “I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all today and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords. And on medical advice I simply am unable to perform over the weekend.

    “I’m already maxed out on steroids and aids for my voice. I’ve considered doing Saturday nights show but it’s highly unlikely I’d even make it through the set and I simply can’t crumble in front of you all and walk out on you in that way. I’m so desperate to do them that I’ve even considered miming, just to be in front of you and be with you. But I’ve never done it and I cannot in a million years do that to you. It wouldn’t be the real me up there.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your disappointment. I’m sorry for the nights you would have had with your loved ones and the memories you would have made together. I’m sorry for the time and money you’ve spent organizing your trips. You know I would not make this decision lightly.”

    Adele ended with: “There will be more information over the next few days. I’m sorry, I’m devastated.

    “I’m sorry. I love you I’m so sorry, please forgive me x”

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