Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Rizzle Kicks Confirm New Single: ‘Skip To The Good Bit’!

The Rizzle Kicks boys are at it again with a new single to lighten up our day!

It’s called “Skip To The Good Bit” and you may recognise it from the Strictly Come Dancing adverts!

The song is the 2nd single from the duo’s second studio album, which charted at number three earlier this month.

It’s so catchy, and TwitCelebGossip reckon that this is going to be a BIT hit!

When talking to Digital Spy about the single, Jordan Stephens said,

“We didn’t find it that hard. It was natural. We recorded about 45 demos for the album ages ago, and then we had to wait as our label wanted to release it in September. About four months ago we would have been releasing an entirely different second album.”

Let’s hope that it flies to the top of the charts!

Watch the official lyric video here:

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