Jeremy Corbyn reveals who he wants to win Love Island!


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has revealed who he wants to win Love Island 2017.

Love Island has dominated the nation over the past few weeks, getting the whole nation talking about the love seeking singles. And it seems that Jeremy Corbyn is not an exception to this rule.

During a tour at the Barnet Apprenticeship College on Thursday, the student website The Tab asked him if he had been watching Love Island:

“I haven’t been watching it, but I’d advise that Marcel needs a vote.”

“We should give him a vote. He needs a bit of, shall I say, TLC.”

So it seems that the Labour Leader is giving his formal endorsement to the former Blazin’ Squad- Marcel Somerville.

This culture reference came as quite a surprise to Jezza fans as he has previously shown a lack of knowledge regarding reality shows. For example, back in August 2016, he failed to recognise TV presenters Ant and Dec during a general knowledge quiz, giving us a lack of faith in his TV knowledge.

However, earlier this year the Labour Leader teamed up with rapper JME in an attempt to get young people to vote before the general election on the 8th of June.

Do you agree with Jeremy? Let us know who you want to win Love Island 2017!

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