Friday, 29 September, 2023

Jahméne Douglas New Single ‘Forever Young’!

Jahméne Douglas follows the release of his Number 1 debut album Love Never Fails with the single Forever Young on November 4.

Mobo nominated (best newcomer) Jahméne says about his version of the Bob Dylan track: ‘I hadn’t heard this song before it was given to me, although it has previously been covered by both Diana Ross and Norah Jones. The lyrics are beautiful. There is purity in the song.“May you build a ladder to the stars”, to me it’s about finding that ladder and finding yourself. A lot of people start off in life by being lost and that’s not a bad thing, but when you realise who you are it makes life worthwhile and life’s about learning, keeping that youthful attitude to keep moving forward in growth. Build your foundations in life so that you have a sturdy base to live from.’

Having re-recorded the track since the album release, the song has been completely reworked by producer Rupert Christie (Coldplay, Rebecca Ferguson, U2) who has given it an even more soulful groove.

Listen to the single version of Forever Young below:

Appearing on Love Never Fails alongside J Jahméne are both his X-Factor mentor Nicole Scherzinger and the legendary Stevie Wonder. Nicole lends her vocals to the song they sang together during the final, The Greatest Love Of All and Stevie Wonder lends his harmonica skills to Give Us This Day: ‘A lot of Whitney fans don’t know her interpretation of this gospel song but I thought as it’s one of my favourites and it’s a very strong song I would try it.’ SaysJahméne. ‘I thought it needed another dimension so I was asked who I’d like to feature on it and my dream was Stevie Wonder, who has been a lifelong hero of mine. I could not believe it when my manager told me that Stevie loved my voice and wanted  to play Harmonica on the track. Its an incredible blessing to work with the 8th wonder of the world’.

Jahméne is set to perform at the Stephen Lawrence Unity concert at the O2 on September 29th, tickets for which can be bought here:


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