Ant McPartlin is set to return to television very soon!


    Reports suggest that Ant McPartlin will be out of rehab in time to present I’m A Celeb!

    Back in June, Ant McPartlin checked into rehab after confessing to his wife Lisa and co-presenter Dec he had a drinks and drugs problem.

    He admitted that he had an addiction to the painkiller, Tramadol, due to chronic knee pain after an operation two years ago to fix damaged cartilage. This pain had also caused him to turn to drink, leading to him admit that he needed help.

    Ant told The Sun “The first step is to admit to yourself you need help.”

    “I feel like I have let a lot of people down and for that I’m truly sorry.”

    However, new reports suggest that that the star aims to be out of rehab in a month and head out to Australia for I’m A Celebrity, just 6 weeks later.

    A source close to Ant told the Sunday Mirror: “He is doing really well. It has been a tough few weeks but he is coming through it and is now over the worst of it.

    “Ant has been very brave and is totally committed to his recovery. All that matters to him is getting well and getting back to his best.”

    Alongside his return to television, his discharge from rehab will also mark Ant’s reunion with his wife, Lisa, and his best friend, Dec.

    “Until now, he has decided he needs to be on his own to focus entirely on his illness and how he can best recover.

    “Ant knows he has so much love and support – but this is a very personal battle that he is determined to win.”

    “Ant and Lisa have been apart for nearly two months. That would be tough for any married couple – but they will be reunited very soon.”

    “Lisa is desperate to see Ant and she is expected to visit him shortly. Dec will be also seeing him soon. It’s bound to be emotional but Ant knows that Dec will be there for him every step of the way.”

    “Ant’s priority is getting better. He has put his health before everything else, he is very committed to being well again.”

    “With his commitment and new-found strength, those close to him believe he will be back on TV in November. It’s something he is working towards and focusing on.”

    We wish Ant a full recovery!

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