Friday, 20 May, 2022

X Factor 2017: Nicole Scherzinger ‘leaves in tears’ during six chair challenge!

Nicole Scherzinger reportedly left The X Factor Six Chair Challenge filming in tears last week.

X Factor’s controversial Six Chair Challenge has returned and this time the judges can’t take the heat.

Nicole Scherzinger was reportedly left upset after last week’s six chair challenge and left the X Factor set while they were filming.

During the Six Chair Challenge, the remaining acts in each category perform in front of a live audience and judges at Wembley Arena.

Only six places are up for grabs in each category – If an act manages to get a seat after their performance there’s a possibility they can be swapped meaning they’ve lost out on a place in the next round.

In a twist for this year’s series the category’s mentor will sit separately from the other judges.

The remaining three judges are left on the panel to deliver their comments before handing over to the category’s mentor to make a decision.

“Nicole left the set upset as the situation was so intense and it all got too much for her,” a source told The Sun. “It was a long and stressful day and it wasn’t helped by the fact the crowd were not on Nicole’s side for some of her choices.”

The insider continued: “Before filming had commenced, the audience were encouraged by the show’s production staff to be vocal about what they thought of her choices.

“They took this on board and were very loud, but unfortunately for Nicole at times it did mean a deafening shower of boos and jeers.”

The X Factor 2017 returns to ITV this summer.

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