Love Island 2017: Marcel Somerville will release his debut single very soon!


Love Island 2017 contestant, Marcel Somerville, will be releasing his debut single this Friday!

As I’m sure we will all remember, Marcel Somerville was a member of Blazin’ Squad back in the day and although there are plans for a reunion, Marcel is set to go solo with his new debut single.

Yesterday, Marcel tweeted: “#announcement No.2 I will be releasing my debut single ‘Someone’ this Friday on ITunes! Check out my Instagram tomorrow for an exclusive!”

Furthermore, Marcel will be embarking on a long tour of the country in order to promote his single.

However, Marcel’s solo career will not be his only focus over the next few months as Blazin’ Squad have confirmed a one-off reunion at Koko in Camden, on November 26.

“I have my own single on my own label coming out this week,” Marcel explained, “But I wanted to do something with the boys.

“There was a lot of love for us on the show and all the fans who supported me.”

The group- who have had seven top ten hits- spoke highly of the work Marcel has being doing: It’s all thanks to Marcel for bringing it back.”

And that’s not all! Marcel will also be releasing his very own book!

The book will be called Dr Marcel’s Little Book Of Big Love and will be released later this month.

“Basically my book is gonna be just me sharing my experiences through and romance,” Marcel said.

“I’ve been on love island it’s gonna be a lot of my journey through that.”

“And also my love and romance life before I went onto the island and it’s just gonna be a bunch of tips and easy guide to modern love init.”

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