Friday, 29 September, 2023

Oritsé and AJ Fly To Uganda For Comic Relief Documentary!

Comic Relief has asked JLS band member Oritsé and girlfriend AJ to fly out to Uganda to do a documentary on the progress of work happening from money that has been raised!

Oritsé & AJ

Spending months rehearsing and being in a packed schedule to becoming amazing dancers and just a few days after winning the dance contest, Stepping Out, the couple have no time to get back into a normal routine as they’re off to Uganda…. tomorrow!

Renown for charity work, singer Oritsé has done impressive money raising with band members and on his own for various charities and is now going to do a documentary on the progress being made from selfless people who have given to the country.

@ComicRelief has asked @AJAzari & I to fly out to Uganda & document the progress of the work being done from the money raised! #HonouredOritsé told.

We wish them the very best in this opportunity and praise them for their incredible work and dedication. 

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