Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

Miranda Hart who has zero gardening experience, tries gardening with her mother!

Miranda Hart has zero gardening experience while her mother is one of Britian’s best amateur gardeners.

Dee Hart Dyke is one of Britian’s best amateur gardeners, a highly experienced and knowledgable plantswoman who never leaves home without the horticultural bible – the National Garden Scheme Handbook.

Every year thousands of normal homes open up their gardens to visitors, where the quality of Battenburg and tea can be as important as the bloom.

She has designed and planted her own garden from scratch over the course of the last 30 years, she still works up to eight hours a day on it and doesn’t like to go on holiday for more than four days at a time in case the garden needs some work – So of course she’s in the book.

On the other hand, her daughter, Miranda Hart, has zero gardening experience, can’t tell her weeds from her weeping figs, and has inherited not one of her Mother’s green fingers.

A phenomenon Dee is at a total loss to understand.

Across the 3 x 60 minute episodes, Dee will, help those trying to open their own gardens for the first time , visit some of the most eclectic on offer, and drop into some celebrity gardens. Miranda will be narrating her Mother’s journey through the nation’s borders.

Dee said: “I cannot believe my luck that through this programme I am able to visit such a wide variety of gardens open for the NGS, and to share my passion for plants with their owners. Not to mention the challenge of trying to enthuse Miranda with a little of the joy and excitement of gardening. All I can say is…..Such Fun!”

Miranda added: “I may not know a thing about how to garden but I certainly know my Mum is not only an amazing gardener but fills me with immense joy and laughter as she talks about her passion. The innuendos in gardening never seem to stop.”

Watch a trailer for the new series below:

All Gardens Great And Small starts Monday 9pm on More4.

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