Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Global Broadcast!

It’s been confirmed the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, ‘The Day of the Doctor’ will be broadcasted around the world simultaneously!

‘The Day of the Doctor’ – BBC

The up-coming Doctor Who episode will see both Matt Smith and David Tennant together in one episode (both actors that played the Doctor), which goes live on the  23rd November this year.

Sadly this will be Matt Smith’s last time playing the Doctor, as he will be replaced for a new series next year. The 12th Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi. Watch the moment Peter was announced here.

It’s been confirmed that the episode will be shown in AT LEAST 75 countries around the world at the same time. Including the USA, Australia and  Canada.

It’s also been said that in the United Kingdom it will be shown in 3D at Cinemas across the country!

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