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Exclusive Interview With Hannah Sheares!

We’ve had the opportunity of an exclusive chat with this year’s X Factor hopeful Hannah Sheares about her experiences, how she dealt with becoming solo, plans for the future and how people have given her support after her auditions were shown at the last auditions on TV.

Q: What made you audition for The X-Factor?

Hannah Sheares

A: The girls and I had a great response online after we entered Simon Cowell’s You Generation, and comments such as “you guys should audition for Xfactor” made us think yeah lets do it!

Q: Did you ever imagine the outcome to be how it was after your room audition?
A: Not at all.

Q: What did you first think when you heard Gary saying you were better than the other girls in the band?
A: I instantly thought nooooooo Gary don’t continue I know how this Is going to end:(… By this I mean I know the girls won’t support my decision to go solo.

Q: How did the girls take you going solo, have they supported you or have you gone separate ways?
A: It was a split opinion between the girls, Laura was said she’d support me and wouldn’t want me to turn it down. And then Kari was like I wouldn’t do this to you, and I can’t guarantee we’ll be friends any more. As it stands today, the girls and I still aren’t talking since that day.

Q: In what way have your family and friends supported you in this journey so far?
A: My family have been the biggest support, even in rehearsals I’ve had them pretend to be the judges! I think my boyfriend Jamie Cope has mastered his Gary Barlow impression!!

Q: What is your biggest dream in music?
A: My biggest dream in music is to sell albums across the world and to high energy performances every night on tour or something crazy like that!

Q: Do you think you have an edge over other contestants with the way you sing?
A: I think for me as a performer I’m very versatile. Like I trained in singing all styles of music, so if a judge had thrown a jazz standard or rock ballad at me I would be able to do it.

Q: If you were to release your own music, what type would it be?
A: the music I would release would be  pop rock kind of like Demi lovatos style but darker…

Q: Who’s your biggest inspiration to pursue a future in singing?
A: I have two hehe… I think Demi’s personal qualities are amazing like the way she’s persevered with her illnesses and come out on top and achieved everything she wanted to. Also Jessie J! I LOVE HER! Her vocal technique and style and mannn just everything about her she’s soo good!

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to everyone who has supported you since before going on X Factor?
A: thank you so much for supporting my decision! thanks for all your lovely comments! Also big love to those who bought Demi’s song Skyscraper since I sung it on the show because in the UK it’s just been charted at number 13!

You can watch Hannah’s second audition below:


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