Sunday, 3 December, 2023

The X-Factor Reveals New ‘Flash Vote’ Twist!

The X Factor have revealed a new voting system for 2013’s series of the live shows! The new “flash vote” system will give viewers 10 minutes to vote for their favourite after all of the acts have performed on the Saturday night. Then, the lines will close and one act will be told that they are in the sing off for Sunday night’s show.

The Judges – X Factor 2013

On Sunday night’s show, the lines will re-open and viewers will again have 10 minutes to vote to save their favourite. When the lines close, the second act to face the sing off will be revealed.

This new system will replace the old one where viewers could vote all the way through Saturday night’s show. (which didn’t get good comments from critics!). The live shows of this series of X Factor will commence on 13th October, with the final 12 being revealed this Sunday (6th October).

Louis Walsh will mentor the boys, Nicole Sherzinger will mentor the girls, Gary Barlow looks after the groups whilst Sharon Osbourne will take care of the Overs.

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