The real reason why Zayn Malik is now BALD!


Zayn Malik has coupled the release of his brand new single ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ with a new look, and here is the explanation for this drastic change. 

Last week, Zayn’s mum took to Instagram to reveal her son’s new bald look, causing a stir among his fan base.


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During an interview with Radio 1’s Scott Mills, Mills asked Zayn about his new look, forcing him to finally reveal the reason for his new hair venture.

“I am, I’m currently bald”

“The bleach affects your hair doesn’t it? So you’ve got to shave it off,”

Whilst Zayn reigns as the King of high notes and has been incredibly successful during his solo journey, he is also very well known for his array of hairstyles.

These past 7 years have seen Malik experimenting with green hair, blonde hair, ponytails, man buns, making it unsurprising that it was left damaged and in need of chopping off.

In other Zayn news, his new single featuring Sia ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ has experienced magnificent success, with over 27 million YouTube views and has reached #1 in over 50 countries.

During his interview with Scott Mills, Zayn revealed that he has worked with some incredible people on his new upcoming album, including Nicki Minaj.

“There are plenty of people that I aspire to work with in the future”.

“I was given some pretty big opportunities to work with some pretty cool people. I know there is a feature with Nicki Minaj, there’s some other sick people involved. It’s pretty cool.

“I didn’t actually get to meet Sia in person,” he also revealed.

“I wrote the song, someone played to her she did her thing. Hopefully in future I’ll get to meet her.”

Dusk Til Dawn is available to download on iTunes now.

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