‘HelloWorld Live’ branded a ‘disappointment’ by fans of YouTube stars!


‘HelloWorld Live’, a huge YouTuber exhibition at Birmingham’s Genting Arena has been branded ‘disappointing’ by fans.

HelloWorld launched at Birmingham’s Genting Arena today and it features Zoella, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman and Rose & Rosie – To name a few.

HelloWorld Live‘ was advertised as a clash between the online world and the real world – It gave YouTuber fans the chance ‘to mix and mingle with their icons in an organised space’ that featured bands, shops and funfairs.

It has taken over the Genting Arena, Birmingham for 28th and 29th October.

The promoters said before the event: “HelloWorld even has its own weather,”

“I’m so excited to invite our incredible fans to a new live event, the scale of which we have never seen before in the digital space,” says Caspar Lee.

“We’ve all been working hard with an amazing team to create something truly special for them – I cannot wait to see our ideas come to life.”

HelloWorld Live said it will have live music performances, parades, a fashion show, live comedy, signings and interviews.

Although when fans arrived for the opening day of HelloWorld, it was nothing but a ‘disappoint’.

Hours into the event fans reported that they’re still in ‘huge queues’ and ‘haven’t moved all day’. This was actually one of the biggest complaints of the day, fans report that they’ve been queuing and not really known what they’re queuing for.

One fan wrote: “Super disappointed with the staff & management at @Hello_WorldLive. Win a competition to meet @tyleroakley but no one knows anything..”

Fans have even branded the organisers ‘unfaithful’ saying that: “I’m so sad the entire @Hello_WorldLive event is unorganized and what’s being said in emails is not true…”

Another said: “No communication on events throughout the day. No meeting creators even though we won 2 comps. No signing or pics allowed #HelloWorldLive”

Despite Caspar Lee, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg, Louise Pentland, KSI, PointlessBlog, Rose & Rosie and Zoella starring in the 2 day YouTuber event, it seems organisers have let the side down for fans.

TwitCelebGossip have contacted organisers of ‘HelloWorld Live’, they did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It cost fans from £30 for standard tickets, and £99 for VIP, but comments like this leaves the event in question on whether it will return next year: “@Hello_WorldLive an absolute joke. No meet and greets as promised. Staff rude and staff not knowing where people are. Unorganised.”

Louise Pentland, a vlogger and blogger, has tried to resolve some issues online for fans, a fan wrote to her saying: “This is a nitemare! Staff arguing no queuing system done nothin since got here at 1130! How u get a refund?”

Louise responded: “Sorry to hear that. There were LOTS of other things happening at the same time,(sic)”

Fan reports haven’t all been negative, some fans have actually had pictures with their idols, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

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