Friday, 29 September, 2023

JLS ‘Goodbye’ Book Signings Sound “Hopeful”!

As JLS approach the release of their final tour, we believe book signings may happen due to there being no meet and greets at the tour.

We believe management must be planning something for the fans as there are no meet and greets, so what better way to meet the boys than have book signings?

The release of their last book ‘Forever and a Day, One Last Goodbye’ is approaching and will be in your hands on October 24th which is about their time as a band and how they have shared the best memories together and with fans, seeing thousands of people travel to see them, juggling personal lives with their music career and secrets unknown to everyone. It’ll also include exclusive images and how the split was the hardest decision they’ve made. Whether you want the good times, the bad times, the highs or the lows, you’ll get them all inside their last book!

If there were to be signings, which has not been confirmed, we think they’d be in some WHSmiths stores in the UK, due to time between now and the tour being short, and there wouldn’t be too many dates for the same reasons of rehearsals and press events before the end.

Make sure you keep an eye on the WHSmiths events page on their website, link here:  in case Oritsé, JB, Aston and Marvin have book signings.

Later news or updates will be posted on our website if we find out more details, but if anything is announced, both management and the boys will all tell you, we’d imagine!

Make sure you have pre-ordered your copy of JLS’ final book so you don’t miss out!

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