Friday, 29 September, 2023

Olly Murs To Join One Direction On Tour!

Cheeky chappy Olly Murs is set to open the last leg of the Take Me Home Tour for One Direction in Japan.

The two XFactor stars have been seen on tour together previously so it’s no big surprise that it’s happening again! Olly joined 1D in their USA tour last year where he cracked America and had his first album released there.

Revealing the news, Murs tweeted “am buzzing to announce that i am back on the road with topboys @onedirection supporting them in Japan Nov 2nd/3rd sch-weet #1stTimeInJapan” and was later replied to by Niall who said “@ollyofficial murs buddie! Cant wait t have ya opening for us in Japan! It’s been ages since I seen ya!”

The group and Olly became very close on the last tour where Olly has said it “will be awesome” to hang with them again and have friendly competition and banter in games of FIFA like before, which they tend to carry on this time round. “Hope you’ve got FIFA14 on your tour bus!! It’s on son!! Make sure @Real_Liam_Payne is ready too!!” tweeted Olly.

One Direction have almost finished the tour where they have been all around Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and will go to Japan. This has been the first time so many fans have been able to see the boys at the same tour and they will take on the world again next year for their biggest tour yet, Where We Are Stadium Tour!

Olly and One Direction always put fans first and spend all their time dedicating music to all their supporters. We wish them all luck in Japan and success in new albums and upcoming tours!

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