X Factor’s Matt Cardle set to release new album after signing with Sony!


    X Factor winner Matt Cardle is set to release a new album after being dropped by Simon Cowell five years ago.

    Matt Cardle is returning to the music scene after signing a new record deal with Sony Music.

    Matt was dropped by Simon Cowell’s label Syco in 2011 and he parted ways with Columbia Records in 2012.

    At the time of signing a record deal with Columbia Records, Matt told The Sun: “Syco’s a very pop label and I know X Factor is quite pop, but I’m not pop.

    “You’ve got people like Kings of Leon, John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen on Columbia, as opposed to Syco where you’ve got your Cher Lloyds and your One Directions. Columbia is a real artist’s label.”

    In 2014, Matt opened up about his drugs struggle saying he was ‘weeks from death’, at the time he told the paper: “The doctor said to me if I’d been left to my own devices for another three or four weeks I might not be here now.

    “I was so out of it — I was like a zombie.”

    He added: “Towards the end I was so out of it I was asking people around me how many pills they’d seen me eat.”

    Matt is now returning to the music industry and told the tabloid he has sorted his life out and ready to create new music: “Signing this new deal with Sony is one of the proudest moments of my life.

    “After the highs of X Factor I sank to the darkest places I’ve ever been.

    ““But after overcoming addiction I finally found myself in a place where I was ready and able to create the album I have always wanted to.”

    Matt exclusively revealed that he spent 3 years creating this album, and he’s very proud of it.

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