X Factor 2017: Finalists ‘told off by bosses for their late-night partying’!


The X Factor 2017 finalists have been told off by ITV bosses for their constant boozing.

Furious ITV bosses have told off The X Factor finalists for their late-night partying.

A selection of finalists have spent their weeks hitting the bottles instead of resting for the live shows at the weekend.

Sam Black, Jay Cutkelvin and Matt Linnen are among those who have been told off by X Factor bosses, The Sun reports.

A show insider told the paper: “The older contestants have been going out of their minds being cooped up in the X Factor house – so have been hitting the booze at every opportunity.”

One contestant had reportedly been missing all night on a bender after ‘a long day rehearsing for live shows’.

The source continued: “The lads in particular have been going out partying and hammering the drink whenever they can, even though they have long days of work getting prepped for the shows.

“Producers have been ­getting pretty concerned that they’re getting out of hand – and are worried they could be setting a bad example to the younger ones. They decided to give them a bit of a talking to, just to make sure their behaviour doesn’t spiral out of control.”

The X Factor continues this weekend on ITV.

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