Friday, 29 September, 2023

X Factor Stars To Sing At The Buttermarket!

Do you want to see all of your favourite  X Factor finalists perform live?

Well, thanks to The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury, you can do just that!

Every contestant of the X Factor Final Twelve are going to perform at music venue two weeks after they leave the competition!

We can’t wait for the launch party THIS Saturday 19th October! Rylan Clark will host a spectacular night, including the live X Factor episode played on the big screens and music from Vicky Jackson and Tom Mann!

Get your tickets to the Buttermarket X Factor Launch Party HERE:

Also, on Saturday 26th October Lorna Simpson will perform live along with Giles Potter!
Get your tickets HERE:

If you are an X Factor ADDICT, you can buy a “Part One” season ticket here too!

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