Jeremy McConnell jailed for 18 weeks after flying to Turkey!


Jeremy McConnell has been jailed for 18 weeks after skipping community service.

Jeremy McConnell has been jailed after skipping his community service to fly to Turkey for a hair transplant.

The Celebrity Big Brother star skipped his community service to have a hair and beard transplant in Turkey.

Jeremy was handed terms of a 12 month suspended sentence after attacking Stephanie Davis, he broke these terms when he skipped service.

Cardiff Magistrates’ Court activated Jeremy’s original suspended jail term after he broke the terms.

The reality star posted a message on an Instagram story reading “If I don’t see yas have a good Christmas”, before he attended the court.

A rep for McConnell declined to comment.

A source told The Sun: “Jeremy has been reckless and stupid to think that the law wouldn’t catch up with him.

“He skipped dates so he could go out partying with his mates in Turkey and now it’s caught up with him.

“He’s had a hair transplant but the price could be a stint behind bars.

“He’s put his hands up though and will face the music on Thursday.

“Jeremy doesn’t seem that bothered about going back into court but that could all change depending on what the judge decides.”

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