Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Loveable Rogues Get Dropped From Syco!

Sad news Loveable Rogues fans!

The Loveable Rogues have been dropped from their record label, Syco!

They posted this on their official Facebook page this morning:

“FYI some of you may have seen in the paper today that we have been released by Syco: (We have been waiting till we got resigned to tell you that we got dropped but somehow it ended up in the paper today) We had a great time at Syco but it just didnt work out… We had different directions in which we wanted to go so unfortunately it never really clicked. We are very excited about the future as on my laptop right now is an albums worth of great songs!! (Big up Guy Langley the A&R) Its like breaking up with a very rich girl friend at first it feels great that your free, then you reminisce on where you both went wrong but right now we are out there looking for a new bird with big bangers who completely gets us. Never ever worry! Thank you to everyone who has ever seen us live, listened to our music, told someone about us, watched our video… We have been pals for ages this is just a chapter  – Eddie”

Although they have been dropped, they have confirmed that they are still best friends and this isn’t the end of Loveable Rogues!

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