I’m A Celebrity 2017: Amir Khan and Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo removed from Croc Creek!

They will return in due course


Amir Khan and Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo have been removed from I’m A Celebrity’s Croc Creek and into another camp.

In Thursday’s show it was revealed that Amir and Toff would be living in another camp for a few days, unknown to their fellow campmates.

During Kiosk Keith’s Outback Refreshment Shack challenge, Ant and Dec told the two celebs: “You’re now the founder members of the Fright Club, you have headquarters and everything!”

“It’s Snake Rock and you’ll go straight there after the Trial” said Ant.

“Over the next two days you’ll attempt to win immunity from the first vote off for some of your fellow camp mates whilst living in Snake Rock.

“You’ll automatically be fed so this Trial you’ll be playing is for 9 stars to feed your camp mates in Croc Creek.

“The 10th and final drink is for immunity from the first vote off for one of your camp mates” said Dec.

This is a breakdown of each challenge during the Kiosk Keith’s Outback Refreshment Shack trial:

Amir had ‘Hurl Grey’ (blended vomit fruit) and Toff had ‘Shocka Mocka’(blended flies and scorpions).

The second round consisted of ‘Grime Cordial’ (blended goats liver) for Amir and ‘Snot Chocolate’ (blended pigs snouts) for Toff.

The third round was ‘Chocolate Mud Shake” (blended fermented mud fish) for Amir and ‘Camel-Mile Teat’ (blended camel’s teat) for Toff.

The fourth round was ‘Cloudy Le-Moo Nade’ (blended cow’s heart) for Amir and ‘Her Ball Tea’ (blended pigs testicles) for Toff.

In the final round Amir had ‘Baa-Jeeling Tea’ (blended sheep’s brain) and so won the 8th star and Toff had ‘Crap-Acino’ (blended crocodile anus) which she drank in order to win the immunity key.

After the trial and wearing new Fright Club clothes of purple jackets featuring a finger to the lips logo and beige cargo trousers, Amir and Toff made their way to Snake Rock clutching their immunity key.

To the campmate’s surprise Vanessa gave the news that Amir and Toff had won a total of 8 out of 9 meals for camp but that they wouldn’t be returning to camp tonight but would come back in due course.

“So they are not eating with us tonight, well done guys but we miss you,” said Vanessa.

They all tried to work out what they might be doing and when they would return, had they won a separate meal, a luxury night or gone for a pamper session perhaps.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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