Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Far Too Far: It’s All About What’s Happening!

A lot has been happening in the world of FTF in the last few weeks and here’s an update for everyone to be up to speed with what’s going on!

As everyone has patiently been waiting for the next cover from our three boys, the excitement of a studio day has been announced over on the Far Too Far twitter page where the boys said “Sooooooo its done. Sunday 27th of this month is studio day! FUN TIMES!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”  This is it.. Finally time to hear some incredible notes from our boys!

Jackson came back from his holiday in Turkey without bringing the sunshine back for a long enough time but it sounds like he had a great time and was welcomed home by all the fabulous FARNATICS!

Jamie did a twitcam last week with an appearance from Hannah where they both shared jokes and had a laugh with all the fans and shared a bit of news they had ideas for. These ideas included a possible clothing line and Jamie is thinking about doing his own covers as well as the FTF ones as it will improve vocals and help get the band more views because it’s hard to do a lot of covers when they live far away from each other.

Matt did an Ask Matt earlier in the week for a chat and catch up with everyone and he has also tweeted about a possible Matt Twitcam soon, how exciting will that be!

We hope Matt and Jackson both so their own twitcams soon for the fans to interact with them separately as well as with the band as it’s nice to get to know  each other individually as well as seeing them as the Far Too Far boys.

Speaking of twitcams… weren’t we promised a FTF twitcam early next week to update us on everything they have been doing and have planned for the next few weeks? Keep your eyes peeled for a day and time; it will be one to watch!

Not only is there an upcoming twitcam, but at 8:30pm TONIGHT, there is a #FTFFollowSpree where if you aren’t followed by the boys..it’s your chance to shine! Due to fans asking about a DM spree, they are also thinking about doing this soon as an extra way to speak to everyone.

Exciting things in the world of FTF – so don’t miss out if you don’t have to!

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