Friday, 29 September, 2023

Farmer JB’s New Additions To The Pig Pen!

JLS singer JB Gill has been tweeting in excitement other the last few days for the arrivals of his piglets that are soon to be born.

He started off by saying earlier in the week the piglets should be here any day soon and he is very excited but then realised the babies need names! So, what does Jay do? He asks the JLSters to come up with names for them of course.


Using #farmerJBsPiglets he told everyone to tweet in their suggestions and on Wednesday, there was still no sign of the new additions to the family. With “fingers crossed they come today” they still haven’t arrived and he’s even thinking about writing a song for them! What could he call a song about piglets? Maybe some inspiration from a JLS album would do the trick…how about Pigs in Love instead of Everybody in Love? It might catch on, you never know!

Ginger, mum of cute baby piglets has now got an official twitter account, @GingerThePig where she first tweeted “Ok ok ok!! First tweet. Here goes: It’s dripping…Have my waters just broken???? THEY’RE COMING”

With JB, girlfriend Chloe and cousin Sian keeping live updates on the progress of the arrival of the piglets. Ginger is currently on her 3rd piglet, names are not yet available.

How cute, little piglets on JB’s farm! When pictures are ready we’ll share the new addition to Jay’s family!
We wish Ginger the best of luck in parenthood!

*We will continue to update this article when news comes in.

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