Monday, 5 June, 2023

Exclusive Interview With Marvin Humes About His Channel!

We have had an incredible opportunity to have the first ever interview with Marvin Humes about his new The Marvin Humes Channel!

For those of you who don’t know what The Marvin Humes Channel is, it’s a website and app for iPhone or Android smartphone devices that allows you to catch up on Marvin’s activity 24 hours a day and get exclusive news or be in with the chance of video calls!

We have asked questions I’m sure a lot of you are wondering yourselves, here is the interview, we hope you enjoy!

Q: How did the idea for the channel come about?
A: I wanted a way to get closer to everyone, have fun and share every side of my life, it seemed a perfect way.
Q: How pleased are you of the way your app and channel looks?
A: I’m very happy, I love posting my status updates and pictures. The videos are good fun too, I have some plans for those! I’ve kept back a few features that I’m gonna release slowly, i think you’ll like them!
Q: How hard has it been keeping it a secret from us while you’ve been making this app?
A: Almost impossible! Everyone knew I was upto something! When I saw the #MARVtwentyfourseven trending for 3 consecutive days, it made it feel worth it!
Q: When did you decide you’d like to become more interactive with fans and do 1 on 1 calls?
A: To be honest, It was just something I really wanted to do. These guys put me where I am and being able to do video calls with anyone I want is great. The buzz I get from watching someone picks up is brilliant!
Q: How do you feel when you surprise fans by calling them?
A: Love it! Thats all I can say! I’m addicted.
Q: What’s the overall reaction been like to the Marvin Humes Channel?
A: It’s blown me away, I hope it would be fun, but in 3 days I had almost 30,000 people checking it out. I never expected that!
Q: What’s been one of your favourite fan videos that’s been sent into you via the app? Any ones that stick in your mind?
A: I Love it when people sing to me! I’ve had a few people just sing random songs! Always makes me laugh!
Q: Do you think The Marvin Humes Channel will be a good way of promotion in the future?
A: I hadn’t really thought of that, I really just wanted to have a fun way of chatting with the fans and sharing stuff I do 24/7.
Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to everyone sending you fan videos, messages and interacting with the channel?
A: THANK YOU! I hope they get as much fun out of it as I do.
We’d like to say a BIG  thank you to Marvin for the interview!
You can download the app below:
iTunes | Android
Or visit the website:

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