Will Toff get bitten? Georgia Toffolo takes on I’m A Celebrity’s Bushtucker Trial ‘Snakes R High’


Georgia Toffolo was suspended in the air during the latest Bushtucker Trial as a snake lunged at her.

Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo was left petrified after facing the latest Bushtucker Trial in I’m A Celebrity.

In a teaser for the latest trial in tonight’s show, Ant and Dec have to tell Toff numerous times to stop making ‘sudden movements’ for her own safety after a carpet python lunged at her.

‘Snakes R High’ consists of a glass box suspended in the air – Toff had to remain for 10 minutes while snakes and critters were released. For every minute Toff endured, she’d earn a star for camp.

After a warning from Ant and Dec to relax and stop with the quick movements, Toff said: “I’m so scared, I can feel them!

“Oh god, they’re hideous things.”

Before entering the jungle, Toff opened up on her phobia of mice and rats: “I am so scared of them and the problem is I am so jumpy,” she confides.

“I jump at the smallest thing. When my doorbell rings I jump.”

“And is anyone okay with spiders? They are hideous.”

She continued: “Heights? I always I thought I was fine but I went for dinner up a tower recently and I didn’t like it.”

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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